September 18, 2021

Prince Harry plans a “corridor of intimacy” for Meghan Markle on her 40th birthday.

Meghan Markle turns 40 on Wednesday, and Prince Harry is said to want to celebrate his birthday privately with a family visit.

According to Page six.The Duke of Sussex intends to “avoid intimacy” for his wife’s special day. The details are few, although it is said that there are many beautiful places near his Montecito mansion where he can take his family.

Similarly, sources claimed that the Duchess of Sussex has no plans to celebrate her birthday. She is also not looking to Oprah Winfrey’s event planner Colin Kavi to help organize the party. Coincidentally, the former “suit” star shared the same date of birth with former US President Barack Obama, who turned 60 years old. He reportedly has no plans to attend the big birthday party.