September 18, 2021

Prince Harry made his first public appearance in a polo match since the birth of Lalibet.

Prince Harry made a surprise appearance at the Espan Valley Polo Club in Colorado on Thursday to raise funds for the charity work at the Santbell ISPS Honda Polo Cup.

The Duke of Sussex clearly enjoyed a return to Saddle. The photos showed him all the smiles when he expressed his desire for a friendly match with his close friend and Saint Bell’s ambassador Nacho Figueroa and other riders. A photo from Daily mail Shahi was seen hugging the Argentine polo player to congratulate him.

Prince Harry appeared in great form as he played in the round robin tournament against the Royal Salute and the US Polo Association. There was a fundraiser for 36-year-old Sentbel, a charity that, in 2006, partnered with Prince Sesso of Lesotho to help HIV-infected children in Africa and children living in extreme poverty and inequality.

The charity match was announced by Ameed Scooby, Duke’s friend and co-author of “Finding Freedom”. Twitter. He said the event set a new record of about 3.5 3.5 million in funding. The Sentinel team reportedly won 3-0 against their opponents, with Shahi scoring two goals.

In response to the fundraiser’s success, a spokesman for the Centerbale said the organization was “grateful for the Duke’s personal contribution, which allowed the organization to continue to operate on a full scale and to provide critical services to at-risk youth in South Africa.” Will give

Meanwhile, Prince Harry issued a statement addressing the organization’s mission. “Our refocused mission at Santbale is to address the immediate needs of vulnerable children in South Africa, to give them access to critical health care, access to essential care, and to develop the skills to be more flexible and self-sufficient in the future,” he said. Is about. “

He thanked “the kind hosts in Spain, ISPS Honda and many other sponsors, and everyone involved in making this year’s match possible, the staff, and the whole community.”

Prince Harry last participated in a charity polo match for St. Belle in May 2019 at the Roma Polo Club in Italy. Her participation in Thursday’s event marks her first public appearance since she and Meghan Markle received their daughter, Lloyd Diana, on June 4.

Prince Harry
Royal Salute World Polo Ambassador Malcolm Borok, Prince Harry, and Argentine player Nacho Figures competed at the Valent Polo Farm during the Saint Bell Royal Salute Polo Cup in Palm Beach.
Chris Jackson / Getty Images

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