September 21, 2021

Prince Harry is busy with a show to look better than his brother.

Prince Harry and Prince William.
Prince Harry and Prince William / Photo Credit: Express.

“It shows that they are out of touch and that they are big hypocrites,” Prince Harry is cursed for trying to look better than Prince William.

Instead of trying to resolve his differences with William, Harry tries to look more “important” than his brother. The Duke of Sussex was accused of trying to attend a show when he flew home from a polo match on a millionaire friend’s private jet.

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“Yeah it’s gone and I’ve thought about it, why do I feel so bad and one of the reasons that came to me is that when he was in Eaton he hated being there and that Decided that he would stay with the bad guys, and I think Harry It has got this chain, most of us have it but we have put it aside to be bad and show it.

He added: “I think he looks even more important than William and so now he’s got the ability to say and do things he probably couldn’t do before and he enjoys being naughty. Like he was playing with balls outside. (During Meghan’s video)

Meanwhile, Neil Wilkie, a relationship specialist and psychotherapist, expressed doubts about the possibility of reconciliation between the two. Duke of Cambridge And the Duke of Sussex.

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He said: “This is an interesting situation and the fact that all this is happening in the light of the media makes it very difficult for them to take any action.

“What I’m seeing is that positions are getting tougher over time, it’s harder for them to come to terms.”

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