September 20, 2021

Prince Harry enjoys being “naughty” because of his enmity with Prince William.

A new report claims that Prince Harry is trying hard to keep himself in the limelight due to his feud with his elder brother Prince William.

Angela Leone, author of “Harry: A Biography of the Prince”, says that in his wife Meghan Markle’s birthday video, Harry’s magic routine was more than ever. According to the biographer, the Duke of Sussex likes to be “naughty” because he wants attention.

Leon said. Talk radio. Ever since Harry wrote his autobiography, his respect has been “gone.” He said of the royal attitude: “I’ve thought about it, why I feel so bad and one of the reasons that came to me is that he hated being there when he was in Eton. And he decided he was going to be with the bad guys. Boys and I think Harry got this series, a lot of us have it but we put it aside to be bad and show up.

“I think he looks even more important than William and so now he’s got the ability to say and do things he probably couldn’t do before and he can enjoy being naughty like he’s throwing balls out. Was playing with (video during Meghan), “he added.

Leon also talked about Harry’s recent friend’s use of a private jet, despite giving “lectures” to everyone about climate change and the need to fly less to travel back from a charity polo match. He said: “It shows A, they’re out of touch and B, they’re big hypocrites. They tell the whole world what we have to do, it’s very important that we do it, but they I don’t think they’re involved, they have exceptions because they’re too big and they’re too important. “

He added, “But these private jets cause at least 10 times more damage to the atmosphere than commercial jets and 50 times more damage if they go by train. But of course none of these Does not apply. “

Leon called it “outrageous” that Harry says that when we and his wife, Meghan Markle, publicly quarrel with our own families, we should all feel sorry for them, and others just want to have two children. Encourage

The author said that people are “seeing all the hypocrisy” with Sussex, which is obvious because they lost a lot of followers on Instagram. However, some believe that this is largely due to the fact that the couple closed their accounts in March last year when they left as employees of the royal family.

Meghan Markle, Prince Harry and Prince William.
Meghan Markle, Prince Harry and Prince William. Photo: AFP / Tolga A Main.

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