September 17, 2021

Prince Harry can record four explosive revelations in new memoirs

Prince Harry surprised everyone on Monday with the news of his upcoming memoirs in which he promises to tell the truth about his life. Although there is no word yet on what might be involved, there is speculation that it could lead to some dangerous revelations about British monarchs.

According to the sunThe Duke of Sussex may finally reveal the identity of the family member who questioned his son Archie’s skin color. In an interview with Oprah Winfrey in March, he said he would “never share” the full details. But he revealed that there was talk that his children would look like the beginning of their relationship with Meghan Markle. He also confirmed that neither Prince Philip nor Queen Elizabeth II had commented.

The 36-year-old said his memoir would “tell” the “first statement” of his life, “which is accurate and completely true.” He may eventually set a record as to whether he and Meghan Markle asked Queen Elizabeth II for permission to use their pet’s name, Lalibet, for their daughter’s name.

Sources claim that they never took permission from him but only told him. In response, the couple filed a legal complaint about the misreporting, insisting that the British monarch was the first member of the royal family to consult them after the birth of LeBlanc on June 4.