September 19, 2021

Prince Harry and the Duchess are ‘proud of their decision to leave the royal family’ and ‘no regrets’

‘Close your eyes and go to Windsor,’ said William and Kate.

Wells, 39, and Kate, 39, are thought to be “keeping an eye” on Windsor, looking for suitable areas to raise their three children.

Both Prince George and Princess Charlotte are currently attending St Thomas Prep School in Battersea, south-west London.

His parents are considering moving to a tower-grade Grade II home on the south end of Windsor Great Park, Fort Belvedere, where King Edward VIII signed his resignation in 1936.

The castle is currently owned by the Crown Estate and leased to the Weston family, who are close associates of the Royals.

The Queen’s uncle, King Edward, once said that you could see St. Paul’s Dome from the property “with a mirror”.

But royal aides have rejected the property, with the couple currently splitting their time between their London base at Kensington Palace and their country home at Inmer Hall in Norfolk.

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