September 25, 2021

Prince George is full of mischief. He tricks his younger siblings

Prince George was a very cute little boy when he was seen at the European Championships with his parents Prince William and Kate Middleton, but behind the scenes the young man was “full of mischief”.

Royal expert Duncan Larcombe claims that the seven-year-old is full of lobes and full of fun and puts fingers around the people around him. The biggest victims of his mischief are his younger siblings Princess Charlotte, six and Prince Louis.

“Although Prince George may be the king of the castle of the future, he is not yet the king of the castle. He is not Little Lord Fantalare,” said Larcombe. Okay fine! About the line in the third about the magazine throne.

The royal expert added, “He is a bully (almost) eight-year-old boy, full of mischief and always playing tricks and jokes on his younger sister and brother.”