September 18, 2021

Prince George is a sweet nickname for Prince William. Also other manicures in the Cambridge home.

Many members of the British royal family, including Queen Elizabeth II, are beloved manikars used by their close relatives. Prince George of Cambridge also has a lovely nickname for his father, Prince William, which he can only use.

It was Kate Middleton who accidentally revealed that her eldest son was referring to her father, during a conversation with well-wishers at an engagement a few years ago. The Duchess of Cambridge was visiting Leicester City Football Club with her husband in 2018 to pay tribute to club chairman Vechai Sri Wadhan Prabha, who died in a tragic helicopter crash. the people. Magazine

On one occasion, a football fan named Fiona Sturges asked the Duchess how her three children, Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis, were doing. Sturgess later revealed his conversation to reporters, “Kate said William was playing football with the kids last night and one of them said, ‘I think it was George.’ Are you playing football, Popes? ‘ ‘

Prince George himself has many nicknames used in the Cambridge home, as his parents change their manners. Shortly after his birth, it was revealed that the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge had begun to call him PG. However, he later added the word tips to the nickname after the popular tabag brand, but then changed the name back to just tips.

As far as her younger sister Princess Charlotte is concerned, Kate and William have chosen to call her Magnonet, a French word meaning “little, sweet and delicate”. The royal couple featured Monique in a rare family video clip from 2019 when they joined the Royal Chelsea Flower Show with their children.

Kate herself has had many nicknames over the years. Although her brother-in-law Prince Harry calls her Keith after her official name Catherine, she was known in her school days as “Sukuk”, derived from her guinea pig. Her husband reportedly calls her “Babe” and “Darling”, although she has never been in public, and she has a pet jockey’s name – “DoD”, for “Duchess of Dolittle”. In short.

Prince William, Kate Middleton and their children.
The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, Prince William and Kate Middleton, with their children, Prince Louis and George and Princess Charlotte. Comic Relief via Getty Images / BBC Children Need / Comic Relief.
Comic Relief via Getty Images / BBC Children Need / Comic Relief.

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