September 21, 2021

Prince Charles remembers buying a house in Wales in 2007. Says ’40 years was too late ‘

The Prince of Charles is very happy to own a house in Wales and loves to spend time there, but unfortunately he did not do it soon.

The 72-year-old Prince is Wales’ longest-serving prince, traditionally and formally given to the heir to the British throne, when he was just 10 years old in July 1958. He was crowned. His mother, Queen Elizabeth II, took the position in 1969 in an investment in the Carnarfon Castle, run by the Welsh government.

However, he had no home in the country until 2007, when he was named Prince of Wales 49 years later and 38 years after his coronation. A farmhouse near Llandovery in Llwynywermod, Carmarthenshire, was purchased by the Duchess of Cornwall and then rebuilt using local materials and the skills of Welsh artisans and women.

Charles stays in a three-bedroom house with his wife, Camilla, the Duchess of Cornwall, on his annual trips and other royal visits. The courtyard adjoining the main house is given as a holiday accommodation when the prince is not in the residence.

In an interview with the award-winning poet Simon Armitage. BBC Radio 4Charles said he enjoys spending time at home, especially during the winter, but he feels it took him 40 years to build a house there. “Now, finally, I’ve established myself in Wales from time to time. It’s been 40 years, and finally, it’s been a wonderful opportunity, finally, to be somewhere in Wales. I can come. That’s it. It’s an important part of holding this special title, “he said.

The British monarch said it took him years to establish himself somewhere in Wales, not because he did not want to try, but because it was difficult to find the right place. He explained that he would go to different houses and lend people to them for a week or so, but it didn’t feel right until he visited Llwynywermod.

The father of two called the house “God Sand”, noting that it was incredibly comfortable and contained Welsh items and quilts that he had been able to collect over the years. It is not far from Llanymddyfri, an old market town in the valley that he loves to explore.

“And I wander around in the Bracken Beacons and do magic, and fight my way through large flocks of sheep from place to place. It’s very special because it’s a cottage. For me, the joy has been getting to know the locals. – Some amazing characters in this part of the world that are very special, I think. The grass grows very well here, as you can imagine, because it rains a lot here. I love the rain, I don’t mind the rain, “he added.

In the 13th or 14th centuries, Llwynywermod was owned by William Williams, a relative of Anne Boleyn, the second wife of King Henry VIII, who was later beheaded for treason. In 1815, George Griffiths Williams was made a baronet, and Llewellyn Vermood Griffiths Williams became the seat of the barons, a line ending in 1877. At that time the only residence used by Prince Charles was the Coach House. Now demolished the 13-bedroom country house that stood nearby.

The longest reign of Queen Elizabeth II
July 11, 1969: The Queen holds the hand of her 20-year-old son Charles during her investment as Crown Prince of Wales at Kernerfon Castle.

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