October 18, 2021

Prince Charles met the fixer nine times in the cash for honors scandal of his close aide.

A new report has revealed that Prince Charles had several meetings with “Fixer”, the centerpiece of the “Cash for Honors” scandal involving his close associate and a Saudi billionaire.

Saudi billionaire Dr. Mohib Murree Mubarak bin Mohib, who was made the Honorary CBE (Greatest Order of the British Empire) in late 2016, made a huge donation of 1.5 million m to the Prince Foundation. Reports A claim in the Sunday Times and Mail earlier this month claimed that Prince Charles’ aide Michael Fawcett, who was responsible for handling several of his philanthropic endeavors, had received British citizenship and honors in exchange for donations to the tycoon. Offered to help.

Fawcett has resigned as the matter is being independently investigated, while the Prince of Wales has distanced himself from the scandal, insisting he has “no knowledge” of the alleged offers. However, according to a new report. Sunday TimesThe Prince of Wales was also “100 per cent” behind the offer, and had nine meetings with “fixers” of agreements both in Britain and abroad.

The alleged fixer is William Bortrick, publisher of Berks Perez, a British genealogy and Perez database. Bortrick is also reportedly a paid adviser to Dr. Bin Mahfouz and has received thousands of pounds to win an award for the businessman.

Bortrack and the British monarch have reportedly met in England, Scotland and Saudi Arabia over the past seven years. Their first meeting took place in October 2014 at the inauguration of a garden funded by Dr. Bin Mahfouz, who was then seeking British citizenship. In the same year, in a draft letter to the businessman, Bortrick said his application for citizenship “would now take the highest priority” because Prince Charles supported those applications 100 percent, because the partnership was bigger. No example [than] Yours, so it should be rewarded and recognized accordingly. “

According to the report, Charles sent a personal Christmas card to Burtrick last year. Their last meeting also reportedly took place last year when the heir apparently went for a walk with Bortrick in the gardens of the Castle of May in Scotland in July, a few weeks after the prince gave the foundation six figures. Was donated. The donation was allegedly made in exchange for a meeting between Prince and Dmitry Lewis, a Russian banker, who was invited to two private functions at Charles’ royal residence in Scotland.

However, in a report Mail online. He claims that the meetings were all official and never one-on-one.

Prince Charles.
Prince Charles of the United Kingdom: Paul / Victoria Jones.

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