September 22, 2021

Prince Charles does not want to give the title of Duke to Brother Edward for ‘sagling animosity’ and other possible reasons

Including speculation about Princess Charles’ slow-moving monarchy plans, a recent report claims that he is considering not giving the Duke of Edinburgh honor to Prince Edward. A royal expert analyzed the possible reasons behind Charles’ refusal to confer the honor on his younger brother, which was also the wish of the former holder of the title, his late father Prince Philip.

In a report for Mail onlineThe royal expert Richard Kaye writes that Waris Zahir’s other views on the title may be part of his plans for the British monarchy when he ascends the throne. The Prince of Wales knows that Britain, which will become king, is undergoing great social and cultural changes, and the kingdom will need to adapt to it in order to survive. Even before his father’s death in April this year, he was thinking more and more about his future as king.

A family friend of the Prince of Wales said: “It’s not just a matter of whether Edward becomes Duke of Edinburgh through a passing ceremony, there has been talk of a full-fledged royal family.”