Prince Andrew ‘ridiculed by palace aides who taunt him with nursery rhymes’ following his £12m Virginia Giuffre settlement

According to sources, PRINCE Andrew was ridiculed by palace aides who taunted him with nursery rhymes after settling a sexual assault dispute.

The song, allegedly sung in the royal household, came about after Prince Andrew made a £12 million sexual assault deal with Virginia Giuffre.


Andrew is allegedly bullied by the Palace administration after settling the dispute.1 credit

Inspired by the nursery rhyme, the aides are said to have jokingly shared a verse that read: “The great old Duke of York had £12 million.

“He gave it to someone he’d never met for something he’d never done.”

The mockery refers to an infamous Newsnight interview with the BBC’s Emily Maitlis in November 2019, where Andrew said he had “no recollection” of meeting Ms Giuffre.

He also said that he did not remember the well-known photograph of him hugging Ms. Giuffre’s waist at Ghislaine Maxwell’s house.

Andrew had also previously wondered if his own hand was in the image.

But despite his denials and claims he never dated Virginia, he settled the sexual assault case out of court this week for an alleged £12 million.

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The Sunday Times also stated that sources close to Andrew say they “genuinely regret that he was ever associated with Epstein”.

They added: “He is remorseful, especially for the impact it had on his mother and his family.”

The same sources say the £12m compensation is “millions more”.

It was also reported that Andrew will appear in public at the Prince Philip Thanksgiving Service at Westminster Abbey on March 29.

After that, the queen will decide if he can attend future “family” events depending on how much he will be a distraction.

This includes her anniversary service at St. Paul’s Cathedral on June 3, in which Andrew will not have a formal role.

This comes after reports that Andrew will use family LOAN to fund his £12 million financial settlement – after Charles convinced his disgraced brother to pay his sexual abuse accuser.

The Prince of Wales ordered the disgraced Duke of York to “shut it down” and pay, fearing that his upcoming video witness statement with Virginia Roberts Giuffre’s lawyers would be “a car accident”.


Royal sources say the heir to the throne met the Queen last Tuesday at Windsor Castle and then wrote to his younger siblings urging him to “think about it”.

They feared that Virginia lawyer David Boyce would “punish” Andy, as Emily Maitlis did in his disastrous November 2019 Newsnight interview that got him out of public service.

The Duke of York, 61, in need of cash, is still waiting for the proceeds from his £17million Swiss chalet, which is expected to be completed “within a few weeks,” according to sources close to the prince.

This means Charles, 73, and the Queen, 95, will instead dip into their personal funds to make sure Andrew can settle and make a charitable donation before the March 17 deadline.

Andrew will be asked to return his “bridging loan” when he sorts out his tangled finances.

The remarkable turnaround came just three weeks after Andrew demanded a jury trial in a New York City sexual assault case, saying the case was “a marathon, not a sprint.”

Prince Andrew Denied Ever Meeting Virginia Giuffre, Who Was Allegedly Sung In The Royal Court.


Prince Andrew denied ever meeting Virginia Giuffre, who was allegedly sung in the royal court.
Andrew Said He Did Not Remember The Infamous Photo With The Then Teenager Giuffre.


Andrew said he did not remember the infamous photo with the then teenager Giuffre.Credit: Rex Features

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