September 19, 2021

Prince Andrew ‘hides’ for fear of being sued

Prince Andrew has reportedly not been seen in public for two weeks as he refrains from prosecuting his rapist, Virginia Roberts Geffery.

The Duke of York has reportedly not been seen for 19 days. He is said to be hiding not only from the press but also from Geffery’s legal team, who personally want to serve him with legal papers.

Geoffrey’s legal team, led by renowned lawyer David Boyce, had previously said it wanted to formally present a copy of the complaint to Prince Andrew. Presenting the suit “under the Hague Convention”.

But they will have to go through the duke’s bodyguards if they want to give him a civil summons issued three weeks ago by a New York court clerk. He has reportedly refused to leave his home, located on 98 private acres in Windsor Great Park, Brix. It is housed in the Royal Lodge, where security is tight.