October 20, 2021

Prince Andrew graciously banned the Fall Royal Dinner

Prince Andrew is still barred from representing the royal family amid allegations of sexual abuse by former Jeffrey Epstein victim, Virginia Roberts Geoffrey.

This became even clearer when his brother, Prince Charles, attended a lavish banquet in honor of the Grenadier Guards. A source said. the sun That the troubled monarchy was only allowed to attend a conference with army colonels. But he was “kicked out of dinner.”

Palace insiders reportedly confirmed that the Duke of York had been barred from representing the Grenadier Guards. One source called it “a great fall from grace” when Prince Andrew “sat in the back of the room” and “was not allowed to eat” with Prince Charles.

A spokesman for Clarence House, meanwhile, said of the banquet that “the Grenadier Guards were represented by a regional lieutenant colonel, Lt. Gen. Roland Walker.”

Prince Andrew faces charges of “first-degree rape” by Geoffrey. She claimed that Shahi raped her when she was still a minor. Epstein allegedly lent him money. After the allegations, Duke Ran into the mountains of Scotland. At his mother’s estate in Balmoral in early September.

He was there for about three weeks and his picture was in a good mood. Came out of hiding Return to London at the end of the month and meet Princess Beatrice and her new granddaughter. The princess gave birth to her first child on September 18.

In addition, the Duke of York has a relatively low profile as his legal team prepares to handle the rape case. He has already been arraigned in a civil case filed by Geffery in a New York court and has until October 29 to respond. Initially, the deadline was October 11, but his lawyers asked for an extension of the exchange to comply with legal procedures.

Prince Andrew relinquished his future duties “for the future” in November 2019 due to his association with the alleged sex smuggler Appstein. He made the announcement in a statement shared on Buckingham Palace’s official Twitter page.

Prince Andrew
Prince Andrew, Duke of York, attended the inauguration of the Francis Creek Institute on November 9, 2016.
Tristan Fungus / Getty Images

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