September 17, 2021

Prince Andrew faces trial in New York federal court on sexual assault charges.

Prince Andrew has been charged with rape, after which his name came to light, while his name came to light during an investigation into the criminal case of dead sex offender Jeffrey Epstein.

Virginia Roberts Geffery filed a lawsuit in federal court in New York on Monday alleging that Shahi sexually assaulted her when she was a minor. He referred to Epstein’s Manhattan mansion and other incidents that took place elsewhere under the age of 18.

Prince Andrew, 61, has denied having sex with the victim. He denied any knowledge of Epstein’s errors. But Geoffrey is adamant and wants to be persecuted for his actions.

Geoffrey sued the Duke of York under the New York State Child Victims Act, which was introduced in 2019 to allow older abuse cases to be filed. The act, which expires on August 14, provides an opportunity for all victims to sue, no matter how historic the allegations.