October 17, 2021

Prince Albert’s niece remembers childhood in circus after her mother, Princess Stephanie, ran away with an elephant trainer.

Monegasque is no stranger to the royal family scandals, one of the most famous when Princess Stephanie ran away with the elephant trainer.

Princess Stephanie, best known for her humorous romance, became the youngest daughter of the Prince of Monaco, Rainier III, and the American actress became Princess Grace Kelly. She is the younger sister of Albert II, Prince of Monaco and Caroline, Princess of Hanover. Shahi, who had previously dated Paul Belmondo, Anthony Dillon, and Rob Lowe among others, began a relationship in 1992 with his bodyguard, Daniel Decroit.

The couple adopted two children, Louis and Pauline D’Croit, in 1992 and 1994, and the children were added to the line of succession after the Monaco throne, when the couple married in 1995 at Monaco Town Hall. However, the couple finally divorced in October of the following year.

Two years after the separation, Stephanie received her third child, Camille Gottlieb, but did not name her father in the certificate. Camille later confirmed that her father is her mother’s head of security, Jane Raymond Gottlieb, but since her parents were never married, Camille Monigsky is not a successor to the throne.

Princess Stephanie had already violated many royal traditions with her choice of relationship, but the royal surprised everyone when she began a relationship with married elephant trainer Franco Nai and with her three children in 2001. The barber went to the circus caravan. Late the following year, and she returned to Monaco with her children, she went ahead and married Portuguese acrobat Edins Lopez Perez, a member of the barber’s circus couple in September 2003. Their marriage ended in divorce in November 2004.

The princess’s eldest daughter, Pauline, who is 16th on the throne of Monaco, is now talking about the effects of her mother’s rebellious decisions on her and her siblings’ childhood. In an interview with Sunday Telegraph.The fashion designer said that although her childhood was “random”, living and traveling with children from all over the world was a “moment of pure freedom”.

He remembered his unconventional childhood in a caravan in a traveling circus, “It was interesting and I was out with animals all the time. I was with children from all over the world – German, English, Italian, Spanish. – And we have our own little language.

Pauline also recalled her parents’ equality when their marriage ended when Dacroit was caught flirting with a woman who had previously won the Miss Topless Belgium title. Pauline said that despite their problems, Stephanie and Decroit remained close during their childhood, always “making a point for children to grow up with two parents.”

Princess Stephanie is currently the 14th successor to the Mongaski throne. During his school years, Shahi studied classical dance and piano, and also participated in gymnastics and equestrian. She has also had an interesting and versatile career, working as a singer, swimming designer and fashion model.

However, Stephanie has also found a lot of it in tragedies. She was in a horrific car accident in September 1982 where Kelly died of a stroke while driving. At the age of 17, Stephanie was confronted with rumors that she was actually driving in an accident that killed her mother.

Princess Stephanie and Pauline Decroit of Monaco.
Princess Stephanie and Pauline Decroit of Monaco.

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