September 23, 2021

Pressure on parents, masks for children when French schools reopened under the plague.

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Twelve million French schoolchildren returned to school for a year on Thursday. The government hopes the situation will be “as normal as possible” – concerns about class closures, masks for six-year-olds and a vaccination program for teenagers. Despite my anxiety.

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A visit to a primary school in the backward northern suburbs of Marseille, where he interacted with students, led to President Emmanuel Macron being escorted by a mob that had gathered to demand his resignation.

Many schools in the southern port city are destroyed and uninhabited, and Macron has pledged support for the Socialist Mayor’s billion-euro renovation plan.

Parents and children across the country face a difficult return to the world of education, with at least one strain of the highly contagious Delta Corona virus circulating among the younger population.

In a ___ Video posted on Twitter.Macron said barrier measures should continue to be respected, as well as sanitary protocols in schools.

Vaccination for 12 year olds.

Macron also said that students over the age of 12 will be able to get vaccinated in their schools if they wish. Secondary schools are being converted into vaccination centers, and “vaccination outs” will be arranged.

He added that people under the age of 12 would be eligible for vaccination, as scientists said.

While the spread of the virus among children under the age of 12 has been feared to increase since the start of the school year, hospital admissions, pollution and deaths are declining in France.

Keep schools open.

France has. Succeeded in opening schools at primary level. Mostly through the coveted epidemic.

Previous Week, Education Minister Jane Michelle Blanker. He assured all concerned that “we can start this academic year with confidence”. However, some parents are far from sharing the minister’s hopes.

A mother of a six-year-old girl who started reading in CP, Class Preparatory, where children learn to read, told a reporter that she was upset and frustrated at the government’s insistence that the mask be worn in class, even at the age of six. Even for children.

She worries that the mask will interfere with her daughter’s reading skills, and with the ability to express the sound according to the markings on the teachers’ page.

“Others managed to do that last year,” she admits, “so we’ll hope for the best.”

One positive case, the whole class closed.

Another concern for parents is the uncertainty about class closure.

Tea Governance for primary schools remains the same as last year.: A positive case means that the relevant class should be closed and all students should stay at home for seven days. For families with two working parents, this will create a lot of difficulties in the mindset of the children.

FCPE Parents Association spokesman Rodrigo Arenas is critical of the government.

“Again,” he says, “it’s the parents who have to afford it.”

“There is no point in being closed in primary school after a case,” says Arenas. “We are going to send home children who are not sick when we just have to test them.” Children need to go to school.

“And it’s the parents in the most critical positions who will be under the most pressure. It’s not easy to find a way to keep young children in mind for seven days.”


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