October 20, 2021

Presidential 2022: Big mess!

With six months to go before the election, political parties have become a real mess with confusion over the Zemor trend, which corrupts the codes, corrupts the game and alters the cards.

The 2017 presidential election was frivolous with Flonn’s affairs, scheduled as a TV soap opera, the explosion in the Republican flight, the elimination of the Socialists and the appearance of an unknown Emmanuel Macron, who had no mandate, No party, no political experience in its Moroccan Ministry of Economy, is going to shake the board. (See our articles in the FDN Self Service Archives).
The shape of the 2022 presidential election is so pleasant and full of surprises. With six months to go before the election, on April 10 and 24, the campaign has begun in earnest. In all camps, people are furious around the Zemmour trend, this patented polymath that shakes codes and ideas and imposes its own tempo.

Mullenchin / Zemor: Debate.

Jean-Luc Melanchin was not mistaken. The leader of France Innocent wanted to propose himself as a left-wing leader, first with a televised debate with Eric Zammour, but later with no official candidate. The two debates took place on September 23, 2021 on BFMTV.
The clash was fierce. A real demonstration. Some truths were thrown at each other, some lies. In the end, only one winner: the TV channel that broke all audience records: nearly 4 million viewers!
If several political parties have already nominated their own Herald in the Elysee (approximately twenty-two) race, things are a bit more complicated in the Socialist Party and especially in the Republican.

Montgomery ignited Macron.

In the Socialist Party, we will have to wait for the militant vote on October 14 to find out which socialist color Stephen Lee Fool or Anne Hedlgo will take. The first election gives the mayor of Paris less than… 5% of voting intentions! Stephen Lee Fool’s candidacy is considered a “story” by the Socialist Party. He promised
As for Macron’s predecessor, former PSA Arnaud Montberg, on the anniversary, he fights for “Reminder of France”. Because, he says, “we are in a deep economic war” and we must stop selling France from this piece, as Emmanuel Macron has done, especially with the sale of Alstom. Monteberg explained: “He is the author and not just his partner.”
The first step. There will be others.

Among environmentalists.

Primary among environmentalists has sparked a real war of wits. Everyone has their own definition of ecology. In the end, European Vice President Yankee Judot won by a narrow margin (51.03%) against an economist close to Malanchin Sandrian Rousseau. Despite differences within the party, EELV chief Julian Baio called for a “left-wing coalition around Yankee magic. It is unlikely to be heard, with the green candidate reaching 5 or 6 percent in the election!”

Big uproar over Republicans.

He has not yet recovered from his extraordinary failure of 2017. Nicolas Sarkozy’s humiliating demise during the primary, then repeated scandals of his candidate Francois Flynn permanently drowned the Les Republicans.
Today the party is at a standstill. How to choose between Michelle Barnier, Eric Sweetie, Philip Joven, Dennis Pierre, properly registered and Valerie Paris and Xavier Bertrand who have knocked on the party door? The mission is critical for the Christian Jacob. After the rejection of a primary that would undoubtedly allow Eric Zammour to run, the workers have decided to nominate their candidate in the internal congress to be held on December 4, 2021. But not to Zammur. A big pantalonide!
According to an internal survey, Brexit negotiators Bertrand and Peckres will come first (approximately 20%) (27.6%). But nothing is played.

Walker in Avon.

Five years after Emmanuel Macron’s victory, Walker is no longer walking, dancing on Evgen’s bridge for his political re-entry this weekend in October. Of course, this is to give courage to prepare for the re-election of the head of state. And strengthening the foundations of the “common home.”
A slogan was repeated a thousand times: “Five more years for the French.” It is true that Emmanuel Macron tops all polls (23-24%) despite five years of chaos, Benallah, Richard Ferrand, Francois de Rigi and a few others, despite the Yellow West crisis, gas and electricity prices. Despite the explosion, despite the health crisis, worrying insecurity, galloping immigration, there is no real challenge for Macron. Neither among Republicans nor among socialists and environmentalists.
A plan b.

Despite this, the president never signaled his re-election. It is interesting. Especially since his former prime minister, Edward Philip, appears to be a potential candidate if Macron loses. Famous Plan B. Didn’t the mayor of Le Havre publish a book entitled “Impressions and Clear Lines”? A smooth rock in the form of a program. Will there be a secret agreement between the President and Edward Philip as we have written before?
In any case, the former prime minister invited himself to Avignon this weekend via a short video where he appears with his salt and pepper beard (on one side). What to say: “The goal is to participate in the new political offer that will result from this presidential campaign. […] I had the opportunity to say that I want to participate in the expansion of the majority, the presidential election base. He added that he would take “political action” from October 9. Let’s wait

Le Pen / Zemor.

On the far right of the political arena, Marine Le Pen has a clear lead over all other candidates and should be eligible for a second round if the election is to be believed. Therefore, he should once again face Macron in the final. Like 2017 before the punch.
But is the scenario pre-written? Not so sure. Because, for a few months now, a political historian, a jeter, a talented polymath has been playing the game. With his talk of nationalism and identity, Eric Zammour is rocking the political class on his favorite topics of extreme right: immigration and security. More radical than Marine Le Pen. He misleads left and right by saying aloud what others think quietly. Didn’t candidate Jane Frederick Poisson announce that he would withdraw his candidacy if Zammour ran away? And didn’t many executives from Nicolas Dupont-Agnan’s party join Eric Zemor because he was “the only person who could be a substitute”? Finally, Jean-Marie Le Pen himself has announced that he will support Zammour if he is in a better position than his daughter.

5 to 15% of voting intentions.

After the polls, Zemor outperformed the polls, from 5% in early September to 15% in early October 2021, and placed third behind Macron and Le Pen. He is at the forefront and cares for others.
Eric Zammour, a journalist, writer, essayist, polymath, becomes such a destructive enemy, the racist who has been repeatedly condemned, the author of numerous tracks on Patton and the Jews, what dictator Bachar al-Assad says, “He gave gas not to his people but to his opponents.
Zemour’s candidacy also reflects the imperialism of traditional parties, their outdated structures, their inability to adapt to the modern world, and their ability to meet French expectations. Proof? The rate of abstinence in the last election. The French hate politics. And politicians who have turned democracy into a real business for many. From this point of view, Eric Zemor wants to be the (future) candidate of disintegration.
In short, Eric Zammour, who at the time of writing has not yet announced his candidacy for the Elysee, changes the presidential election cards that we think have already been written about, immigration and security. Imposes his favorite subjects around, points out the flaws of some and others, and finally the French find out the average of their political class.
It’s definitely an entertaining game of Mesol Tout, but it can’t replace the election program. Does Eric Zemor intend to disappear in the first rays of spring?

There is an abundance of candidates.

To date, about twenty candidates have been announced. Nathalie Orthod (Lotte Ovier), Franواois Asselinau (Popular and Republican Union), Xavier Bertrand (various right), Nicolas Dupont-Egnan, (Debiot la France), Yankee Jadot (Europe-Ecology les Wertz), Jean Lasalle (Resistance) Stephen Lee Fool (Socialist Party), Marine Le Pen (National Rally), Jean-Luc Mنlenchon (La France Insomیسs), Arnaud Montberg (L’Engine), Jean-Friedrich Poisson (VIA, La Vue du People), Philippe Pouto ( New Capitalist Opposition Party), Fabian Russell (French Communist Party), Anton Vector (Independent Environmental Movement), Anne Hidalgo (Socialist Party), Michelle Barnier (The Republican), Eric Cotti (The Republican), Philippe Joan (Republican), Dennis Pierre (Republican), Valerie Paris (free).
Two possible candidates, but not yet officially announced: Emmanuel Macron (Ann Marche) and Eric Zammour (various rights).
There are many candidates, but only one will be elected.

Zemur was removed by the CSA.

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