October 17, 2021

Posts: We haven’t been in much crisis since WWII.

Twelve energy suppliers have broken down this year.

I know customers are safe, but obviously these companies owe someone money. I think the taxpayers are returning through these spies, they add green tax to all the bills and then fail to pay them to the exchequer.

The government has lost millions over the years, yet no one has been prosecuted. Why?

William Allen – East Culbride.

It’s hard to take these new, shiny ones seriously. Television Advertisements for the first bus, when despite severe criticism, the company continues to violate the law in covering the face in its buses.

It is mandatory, that is, the law that must be enforced.

What does First Bus not understand about this and why the authorities are not taking action against them for their apparent failure to implement it?

MA – Glasgow.

The Scottish Greens have warned that increasing reliance on nuclear energy is a “step backwards”.

In the last 143 days, on average, renewable energy, mostly wind, has provided only 18.5% of our electricity.

Nuclear fuel was 16 percent and fossil fuels 43.6 percent. The Scottish Greens should be warned to “step back” instead of relying on reliable subsidized wind turbines.

Clark Cross – By email.

Not since World War II until the country has faced such a major crisis. the meal And essential goods, such as petrol and diesel.

The difference is that the current crisis is caused by the false claims of Boris Johnson and his government about the benefits of leaving the EU.

His most notable false claim was the amount that could have been saved per week for the NHS by leaving the EU. In addition to being a false statement, it was a hypocritical statement for Boris, as the Tory party was strongly opposed to the introduction of the NHS by the Labor government in 1948.

When the Tories in government have permanently funded the NHS. Boris, a traditional Tory, mistakenly thinks Britain is still one. World power

Despite the dire situation in the country, under his leadership, Boris is more concerned that the orchestra will not play the Tory anthems “Land of Hope and Glory” and “Roll Britain” at the end of the last night of the prom. Audiences waving flags, although they are seen as traces of colonialism and British slavery in the past.

With an overwhelming majority in parliament, and a troubled Labor opposition, Boris is free to wreak havoc in the country.

R Downes – By Email

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