Popular TikTok mom hits back after baby therapist rips up video of her ‘using her crying baby for browsing’

MAMA has come out in defense of her parental rights after a video of her playing a viral prank on her son was criticized by a child therapist.

Bramty Juliette posted a video of her pouring water on her son’s head to her 3.5 million TikTok followers under the caption “spraying my baby’s hair until he says something.”


Child mental health expert Ryan Allen shares concerns on TikTokCredit: Tiktok/@preschooltherapy
In The Video, Brampty Splashes Water On His Baby'S Head As He Cries.


In the video, Brampty splashes water on his baby’s head as he cries.Credit: Tiktok/@preschooltherapy
He Tells Her To Stop But She Continues


He tells her to stop but she continuesCredit: Tiktok/@preschooltherapy

As she sits on the ground with him and ruthlessly wets his head, she is seen laughing, causing some of her social media audience to become uneasy.

When her son says something, she ignores his pleas to stop, even when he cries.

Ryan Allenwho uses his experience in parenting and child development to share educational content, saw the video and under the handle of @preschooltherapy posted his reaction.

Overlaying his reaction to her clip, he called Bramty’s idea of ​​entertaining others.

He said: “This is an example of how we can have a good intention of being playful and fun with our children, and how it can just turn into a problem – and for what? Views and likes on social networks.

Ryan, who is a Licensed Professional Clinical Consultant (LPCC), breaks down the video, highlighting his son Bramty’s first reaction when he tells his mom, “That’s a lot of spray.”

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He said, “Indirectly he asked you to stop, we should note here that he doesn’t like it.”

Ryan then points to the “suffering” in Bramty’s son’s voice and says that here you should have thought she had gone too far and backed off.

He said, “In favor of doubt, maybe it wasn’t straight forward enough and you missed it.”

When Bramty’s son says “stop,” Ryan says it was a direct request to her to stop.

When her son starts crying, Ryan indicates that he is visibly upset and says that her decision to continue the joke teaches him that his voice doesn’t matter.

When Bramty’s son is visibly emotional and sad, Ryan says, “Now we see helplessness.”

Bramty also filmed the video with her daughter. She saw herself dousing the boy with water from a spray bottle, wincing and wiping the water from her eyes to the delight of her mother.

Presumably after seeing some backlash, Bramty took to Twitter to defend her actions.

She said: “There was some reaction to TikTok that I posted a few weeks ago. It’s actually not that deep. ALL my children are LOVED, HAPPY AND HEALTHY.”

Some of the harsh words addressed to her dealt with the long-term consequences of not being able to respond to her son’s requests.

One of the prisoners said: “One of the worst things for me is this tendency to use my children for likes and participation.

“Children are people. They deserve respect. Don’t you understand what you’re doing with them? A complete lack of trust and care.”

Another said: “I sincerely hope she sees this and rethinks her actions. I have no words for how and why a mother would be cool doing this with her child for a few likes on social media.”

Some have come to her defense, saying they have no doubt that her babies are being well taken care of.

One person commented: “Honestly people have nothing to do and they keep doing what you do because you haven’t done anything wrong queen.”

Alex Said That This Behavior Shows How The Good Intention Of Being Playful Can Become Problematic.


Alex said that this behavior shows how the good intention of being playful can become problematic.Credit: Tiktok/@preschooltherapy
As She Defends Herself From The Water, Her Son Is Seen With His Head And Shirt Wet.


As she defends herself from the water, her son is seen with his head and shirt wet.Credit: Tiktok/@preschooltherapy
Alex Carefully Studied What Message This Sends To Children


Alex carefully studied what message this sends to childrenCredit: Tiktok/@preschooltherapy

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