October 20, 2021

Poodle Day.

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Poodle Day is an annual event in Cameroon, California that unites poodle owners and lovers for a fun-filled day.

Poodle may be the sixth most popular breed of dog breed at the American Kennel Club, but stylish dogs will always be at the top of the hearts of breeders – especially the annual Poodle Day..

Classic canine fans love it so much that Poodle Day is celebrated every year with a poodle parade in Carmel, California, off-lash play on the beach and an evening party for pooches and their pet parents.

Poodle Day 2021 is taking place on October 2.

Poodle Day.

Poodle facts

In honor of Poodle Day, we’ve got some interesting facts about our fluffy four-legged friends:

Did you know that the poodle is the national dog of France, although this breed originated in Germany?

A standard poodle named Sailor holds several Guinness Book of World Records. In 2016, the talented Telweiger won the title of the fastest 10 meters on the Walking Globe by a dog – a feat completed in 33.22 seconds! The smart dog also did the fastest climb on the dog’s hind legs, climbing 20 stairs in 18 seconds when viewers of the Today show watched!

The sailor is not the only poodle whose civil abilities have made it into the Guinness Book of World Records. Chanda Layya, a toy poodle, won the most (469!) Moves in 1999.

The name Poodle is derived from the German word “poodle”.

The poodle coat comes in a variety of colors, including: apricot, black, blue, caffeine, chocolate, cream, silver, and white.

The “pom pom” fur on some poodles is not just a statement of fashion. As a hunting dog in the breed days, Puff helped protect dog pairs when they were sprayed into the water to retrieve the game.

A perfect match for a pet parent who suffers from allergies, the poodle is a hypoallergenic dog.

Visitors to Place de Arms Square in Montreal can see a pair of bronze sculptures by Montreal-born artist Marc Andre J. Fortier. One of the statues, which together reflects the country’s cultural diversity, depicts a woman in a dress with a flashing French poodle looking down her nose at the English Bank of Montreal. A stylish fit with an English pig gives a proud look to the revered building by the French-Canadian Notre Dame Basilica.

Since the title made is Westminster’s first film in 1907, the non-sporting group or toy group poodle has won the Best Award several times. Then came the next year a small poodle called the Font Claire Festoon. The Capoquin Little Sister, a toy poodle, won the title in 1961, as did the Standard Poodle Acadia Command Performance in 1973 and the Standard Poodle Wesper Wind AA Carousel in 1991. 2020, when Standard Poodle Stone Afternoon Tea (better known as “Siba”) won the title.

Poodles in movies.

  • The best in the show. – Although the pooch contest was unrealistic, all the poodle lovers cheered in Rhapsody of White whenever the dog appeared on the screen!
  • Beverly Hills Chihuahua II. – An arrogant, award-winning animal with a French-French accent
  • Elvira: Mistress of Darkness. In this 1988 language, the queen bee is shocked by the fear of cheeks. The film inherits the property of her great aunt, including a poodle named Algon Quinn. The dog’s name may have been chosen as a tribute to the Algonquin Hotel, Dorothy Parker’s famous haunt, and other well-known members of The Voice Circle.
  • Look who’s talking now! – Academy Award-winning Diane Keaton (an animal lawyer on the board of the Helen Woodward Animal Center!) Provided the voice for Lad Pedal Daphne in the 1993 John Travolta / Christie Eli comedy.
  • Oliver & Co. – Divine Miss M, son of Middler, has softened her voice for a useless poodle at Disney Falk Oliver & Company.
  • Sabrina – The title character in this classic romantic story, played by Audrey Hepburn, named her dog companion David after the man she thought she loved.
The secret life of the pet poodle.
  • The secret life of pets. – A seemingly sophisticated poodle when he was with his man, when he was left on his instruments, Leonard turned into a real party animal who liked his music loudly.
  • Will success spoil Rock Hunter? In this 1957 Hollywood hoax, Standard Poodle Paul, the character of Jane Mansfield, is named as a tribute to cinematographer Leon Schumacher.
  • زولینڈر -Kiva, a 10-year-old poodle, photographed a companion dog from designer Mugato’s Kochhar.

Poodle’s famous pet parents.

  • Lucille Ball – A lover of both toy poodles and the name Tinker, he gave the same name to four-legged friends of the same race.
  • Sir Winston Churchill. – Former British Prime Minister Rufus had a four-legged friend in a poodle.
  • Walt Disney – The creator of House of Mouse shares his home with Brown Poodle with Duchess Disney (or DD).
  • Grace Kelly – A poodle named Oliver was engaged to the actress Carrie Grant, better known as Princess Grace of Monaco.
  • Jacqueline Kennedy – The former first lady’s French poodle is named after French President Charles de Gaulle.
  • Elvis Presley A poodle fan, Kings Poodle Paul was named Champagne. The music icon also presented his mother with two poodles, Sweet Pea and Duke.
  • Priscilla Presley. – A poodle named Honey was given to Priscilla by Elvis during their company. (Did you know that Priscilla Presley has become an animal rights champion?)
  • Jacqueline Smith – TV star Poodle Albert got a chance to share the spotlight with his famous man in a few episodes of Charlie’s Angels! In recent years, the actress has shared her home with Elizabeth Standard Poodle and Honey Bean Mini Poodle. Who was his mother’s dog companion.
  • Fu Fu – Miss Peggy’s pampered toy poodle at The Puppet Show.
  • Natalie Wood – The four-time Golden Globe winner was a white poodle named Fuffy and a silver poodle who named the Morning Star after his role in the movie Marjorie Morning Star.

Adopt a poodle.

Are you a potential pet who is considering the possibility of receiving a poodle or poodle mix in your heart and home?

Find poodle rescue in your area, as well as animal rescue and shelters in other areas. You can find acceptable poodles online at:

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