September 23, 2021

Pooch Perfect was removed after a series of controversies over dyed dogs on the BBC show.

Pooch Perfect will not return to our screens as it has only been removed after one season.

The dog care contest, hosted by Sheridan Smith and co-host Pooch Stanley, aired its first season on the BBC but was met with controversy.

Pooch Perfect has been removed after just one season.


Pooch Perfect has been removed after just one season.

Fans were outraged when the pet's skin was dyed.

TV company.

Fans were outraged when the pet’s skin was dyed.

As dog breeders put their heads together to polish the pouches, many onlookers expressed concern about the well-being of the dogs.

Viewers were outraged when dye was used on dogs and a complaint was lodged on Twitter.

In response, the BBC said: “The producers consulted with both the RSPCA and the British Veterinary Association (BVA) to ensure best practices for animal welfare.”

The BBC added at the time that any dye used on dogs was “safe and temporary for animals”.

However, the show has now been scrapped in the UK, although there is a version wrapped up in the US that sees Rebel Wilson as the host.

According to, in a statement, the BBC confirmed that the show will no longer be in the UK.

It read: “Pok پو Perfect brought plenty of light to viewers during the lockdown.

“While the show will not be back, we would like to thank Beyond Productions as well as Sheridan, judges, veterinarians, breeders and pet owners when we need it most.”

At the show, 16 professional dog keepers competed for eight weeks to be crowned the best in their field in the UK.

The show gave viewers a glimpse into the world of grooming and the industry and its highly skilled professionals.

Each week, Gromers are given themed challenges and must reveal their creations on a dog walk in front of two judges, who will examine their work.

The BBC billed the show: “Britain’s hairiest horses have changed the search for the best dog breeder in Britain.

“Sixteen professionals compete to see who can turn them into smart land pouches.”

The show was hosted by Sheridan Smith.


The show was hosted by Sheridan Smith.

In total, 16 pouches participated.

BBC / Beyond Production

In total, 16 pouches participated.

The talented Pouch becomes an internet thrill with his charming paintings.

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