September 20, 2021

Politicians in Glasgow have called for unity in a campaign that could end 35-year growth.

Politicians in Glasgow will be encouraged to unite in a campaign to reverse the recently reintroduced £ 35 bulklift charge.

The fee – which covers the cost of removing large items – was restored in Glasgow last month.

The policy sparked a political backlash from opposition parties who had previously said the allegation would only exacerbate Glasgow’s sanitation crisis, with roads already “full of dirt” and bins “full”.

Now, Glasgow Conservative Councilors will call on Green and Labor groups to join the campaign to drop the allegations.

The leader of the Tory group, Councilor Thomas Kerr, will present a motion for an immediate suspension of the fee.

Glasgow Times:

“This has never been the case in our streets and green spaces,” he said.

“From abandoned fly-tipping to drifting boxes and stealing rats, this crisis is a direct result of the SNP’s failed leadership and destructive wasteful policies.

“We are urging all other councilors to join us to change this. The Labor Party in Glasgow talks of a good game but failed to join us in March so that the SNP’s Bin Collection I was able to reduce and eliminate bulk lift charges.

“The Greens have been so outspoken about the environmental catastrophe that these policies continue day by day in Glasgow.

“I urge the opposition parties to unite next week and stop the SNP’s failure to manage waste,” he said. Our city needs more than spurs, as Susan Aitken claims.

Glasgow City Council Contacted for comment.

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