October 18, 2021

Polish star Robert Lewandowski points to the sign of respect on the sleeve as England’s stars rise to their knees.

Robert Lewandowski kneels before the World Cup qualifier against England, pointing to the mark of respect on his Polish shirt.

At the behest of the Polish captain, a large section of his supporters urged him to get down on his knees when he heard their emotions.

Despite the smell around the stadium, Lewandowski's gesture went unnoticed.


Despite the smell around the stadium, Lewandowski’s gesture went unnoticed.
England players failed to kneel.


England players failed to kneel.Credit: Getty

However, this was a powerful message from Lewandowski as the Three Lines were forced to deal with knee billing for the second time in less than a week.

Gareth Southgate was also mocked six days ago for pointing out racism in Hungary.

When the players of the Republic of Ireland fell to their knees before a friendly in June, England discussed the issue in the clash with Hungary.

Hesitantly, he continued to kneel loudly, and was once again promoted before playing against Poland in Warsaw.

It was met with a whistle from the more than 60,000 angry crowd just moments after the “God save the Queen”, only to be drowned out by applause.

The game ended 1-1 as England captain Hurricane Kane’s long-range strike was canceled out by Damien Sezmanski at stoppage time.

Lewandowski played a key role in leveling things up in the dying seconds as he crossed over teammate Sezmanski to go home from close range.

The Polish players had earlier refused to kneel against England at Wembley in March.

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The head of the Polish FA and vice president of UEFA, Zbigniew Bonic, has also been a sincere critic of what he called the “populist” gesture.

After his players stood on their knees in front of the Three Lines in the spring, he said: “It’s obvious populism because nothing is done because of it.

“Footballers sometimes kneel down and if you ask any of them why they’re kneeling, they won’t even be able to tell you.”

Before the start of the World Cup qualifiers in Warsaw, England players got angry over kneeling against Poland.

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