Police Online Crime Team Wins Awards

Members of the Special Crime Squad in a working group set up with a “clear focus on protecting children and prosecuting criminals” have been named the grand winner of Police Scotland’s “Courage and Excellence” award.

Constable Paul Scougall of Fife, who returned to work just nine months after a heart transplant, has been honored with the Unsung Hero of the Police.

Sergeant Doug Green was recognized after he and another officer helped rescue four children and their mother from a car that had run off the road and plunged into a river.

Police Online Crime Team Wins Awards

The honor was also given to member of the public Robert Dick, who chased the robber with a knife after hearing the store owner’s cries for help.

A total of 57 awards were presented during the virtual ceremony, which went to officers who showed outstanding bravery in fighting violent criminals, as well as members of the public who risked their lives to help others.

Chief Constable Ian Livingston said the awards came after a “busy and demanding year” that highlighted the “relentless nature of policing.”

Mr. Livingston said: “Helping those in crisis is at the heart of the core values ​​and goals of policing.

“Today’s awards remind us of individual actions being taken to this end every day across Scotland.

“Equally, we recognize acts of bravery by members of the public who have gone beyond anything that can be expected of a citizen.



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A team of officers awarded the Most Contributed to Policing Award worked for Operation Parror, and in one year, the digital forensics team conducted 402 investigations and checked 4,227 devices.

This work helped protect 727 children and led to the arrest of 364 people.

Sergeant Green was honored for his actions on September 6, 2020, when he and a colleague were present after a driver lost control of his car on the A99 in the Highlands, causing the car to roll and enter the river.

Sergeant Green entered the river, and while his colleague held the unconscious driver’s head above the water, he helped four children and their mother to the river bank.

Both officers then worked to free the stranded driver before performing cardiopulmonary resuscitation on him, and although the man died, prompt police action prevented other deaths in the incident.

Meanwhile, on March 2, 2021, Mr. Dick was walking past a gas station in Musselburgh when a balaclava-wielding knife-wielding robber threatened the shop owner.

After the robber jumped over the counter, the shopkeeper called for help, to which Mr. Dick responded. He and another man chased the robber who had stolen some money and knocked him to the ground before grabbing his weapon.

Constable Scogall was just 27 years old when he was told in January 2019 that he would need a heart transplant and underwent surgery in March 2019.

Experts thought it would take him at least two years before he returned to duty, but the determined officer returned to duty with modified duties nine months later.

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