Police looking for hungry couple who ate 12 burgers in just SIX minutes

Cops are on the hunt for a greedy couple who ate 12 hamburgers in just six minutes before leaving without paying a whopping £174 bill.

The couple walked into the Bite Me Burger restaurant in Marlborough, Wiltshire, and asked if they could enter the restaurant’s cooking competition.


Police set up CCTV cameras of two people they want to talk to after a man and woman went to a restaurant in Wiltshire, ate a dozen hamburgers in six minutes, and then walked out without paying.1 credit
The Greedy Couple Shelled Out £174 At Bite Me Burger In Marlborough.


The greedy couple shelled out £174 at Bite Me Burger in Marlborough.1 credit

Eatery owners offer visitors to eat a dozen burgers in six minutes. Anyone who completes the task will receive payment against the bill.

But the staff explained that the competition is not suitable, as it needs to be booked in advance.

Despite this, the couple ordered 12 burgers, ate them all, and then refused to pay, saying they didn’t need it under the terms of the competition.

Police have released CCTV footage showing a man and woman they want to track down after the February 5 incident.

They say they view the diner as a steal.

Simon Wetton, owner of a restaurant on Kingsbury Street, said: “We are doing what is called a burger challenge.


“If you can eat 12 burgers in six minutes, we’re on the bill.

“But the task must be prepared in advance, as we must be on hand to time it correctly.

“These people say they wanted to take part, but it was a Saturday night and we were very busy – we didn’t have the staff and time to do it.

“We said that, unfortunately, they could not accept the challenge.

“They still ordered 12 burgers and said they wanted it, and we explained that we were very sorry, but it just didn’t make sense.”


However, when it came time to pay, the couple stated that they had ended the competition and would not hand over their money.

The waitress went to get the manager, but by the time they returned, the couple had already left.

“I called them and said, ‘Look, you owe me money, please come back and pay it,’ but they hung up,” Simon said.

“They said they were going to vilify the restaurant on social media.

“How it happened, I could see on the security cameras that it’s pretty clear they didn’t eat the hamburgers in six minutes, even though it wasn’t prearranged.”

The police said they are now investigating.

“I don’t want to waste the time of the police or the courts, but on top of all that the restaurants have been through with the lockdown, it’s a matter of principle,” Simon said.

“People shouldn’t be allowed to get away with it.”

Anyone with information is asked to call Wiltshire Police on 101 on 54220012944.

Bite Me Boss Simon Said The Couple Threatened To Hurt His Social Media Business After He Called Them.


Bite Me boss Simon said the couple threatened to hurt his social media business after he called them.Credit: Google

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