October 20, 2021

Police in Glasgow are facing “the biggest and most complex incident ever in Scotland” with COP26.

Police have been warned of “the biggest and most complex incident ever in Scotland” involving the COP26 Bonfire Night and Halloween massacre.

World Leaders including US President Joe Biden, Pope Francis and Queen Elizabeth will be in Glasgow for the UN Climate Conference in November.

But the police. Scotland And the other 999 crew face their biggest annual pressure on November 5, as Halloween revelers cause chaos.

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10,000 officers are being brought in from all four countries to support the growing police force.

David Hamilton, chairman of the Scottish Police Federation, said: “We will do our best and we will do our best, but it will be tough for us.

“Police will start at the top of the priority list and work at the bottom.

“While we continue to move the service forward to ensure that whatever can be done to move the service forward, the painful reality is that there are not enough police officers.”

During the summit, the federation will make every effort to “advance” the force, Mr Hamilton warned, adding that the impediment to the important dates of October and November would “increase the capacity of policing to an absolute extent and beyond”.

Mr Hamilton said: “November 5 is an unusual date for any police year.

“The last three years have been very challenging and we don’t expect anything different this year.

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“Much work is being done to support front line officers as much as possible from back office posts.”

The next day will see more than 200,000 landing in Glasgow to take part in a UN-backed climate protest, which police fear could be “hijacked”.

Police Scotland has been working with various groups, including the Non-Aligned Movement, to ensure that it runs smoothly.

More than 10,000 UK officers are expected to arrive in Glasgow in the days leading up to COP26, and about 2,500 Scottish officers are receiving additional training to manage large demonstrations.

The force has also canceled all officers’ leave during the summit to meet the high pressure.

Glasgow Times:

“The importance and scale of this event should not be underestimated,” said Bernie Higgins, assistant chief constable who coordinates the COP26 police response.

He said: “COP26 will be the largest and most complex event ever held in Scotland.

“This will require the largest number of police officers to be mobilized in the UK over the years.”

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