October 18, 2021

Police divers search the Clyde River before Cop26 in Glasgow.

Police divers search the Clyde River as part of a security operation during a Cop26 climate change conference in Glasgow.

Expert officers, who can search in confined spaces and retrieve underwater footage, will patrol the river and its banks ahead of the UN summit, which runs from October 31 to November 12.

During Cop26, the Ministry of Defense will monitor the waterway providing “24/7, armed policing presence” on the police river when police assistance is required. Scotland Diver

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Police in Scotland have appealed for help in finding anything unusual around Glasgow’s waterways.

Glasgow Times:

Police Spotland Maritime Security Lead Superintendent Steve Irwin said: “Our specially trained divers will patrol and search the Clyde River, especially in limited areas, during Coop 26.

“This is a historic event, one of the largest movements of police assets the UK has ever seen, and it means that some restrictions are needed to help keep participants, visitors and the public safe.”

“Any protest activity in or around waterways during COP-26 will be met with a balanced police response that balances the needs and rights of those wishing to participate in the protection and welfare of protesters.”

Glasgow Times:

It’s part of our job to deliver a safe and secure event and we’ll ask you to report any unusual objects in or around the waterways to the police.

“Trust your instincts if you see something that doesn’t look right.”

Police Scotland’s divers and marine unit are among the many specialist resources to be deployed during Cop26 as part of a security operation.

Glasgow Times:

The river will be subject to movement and gorge restrictions for about three weeks.

The Queen, Pope Francis and US President Joe Biden are among the dignitaries expected to attend the event, and each member of the United Nations has been invited, with about 120 to 120 heads of state attending the event. 000 recognized delegates are expected to arrive. .

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Defense Department Superintendent of Police Sandy Stewart said: “Our Marine Unit officers will support Police Scotland operation for Cop26, provide 24/7, ensure the presence of armed policing on the Clyde River and compliance with legal restrictions. To provide a safe and secure event for all involved.

All Police Scotland divers have completed an eight-week basic air diving course, as well as several other specialist courses such as Licensed Search Officer, Swift Water Rescue Technician and Limited Space Search Officer, a key skill for Police Scotland. ۔ .

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