October 18, 2021

Police claim that the ambulance took the patients to the hospital during the crisis.

According to the Scottish Police Federation, police officers are taking injured people to hospital due to the crisis facing the ambulance service.

The trade union said it was aware of about 30 cases in recent months where patients were taken to hospital in police cars due to a lack of available ambulances or a long wait for paramedics.

The army was called in last month to help drive the ambulance, and the ambulance service was alerted to a shortage of drivers.

But now the police federation has revealed that officers are also being asked to attend medical emergencies and have helped transport patients to hospitals in the absence of ambulances.

The Scottish Ambulance Service has denied the allegations.

Examples recorded by the police. Scotland Officers – as reported by 1919 Magazine – included an unconscious man who tried to take his own life in a police car after being rushed to hospital because more than an hour after the call. No ambulance arrived.

In another incident, an elderly man was lying on a sidewalk with a leg injury and was “extremely confused,” according to a police report.

With more than five-and-a-half hours of calling 999, and the unavailability of all ambulances, he was put in the back of a “very painful” police van and taken to hospital.

A third case involved the ambulance service, which reportedly called police for help on a woman whose motorcycle had fallen on her, causing an open compound fracture in her lower leg.

The police log read: “A local off-duty nurse is with him, but since the ambulance will not be able to arrive for two hours, the SAS (Scottish Ambulance Service) will tell us, although this is a medical matter and they do not lack resources.” Do not change what it is.

“They ask if we can attend (not sure why) but the duty sergeant has no unit and is not sure what he could have done if he had.”

Gordon Forsyth of the Scottish Police Federation said: “The police there are taking people to the hospital behind the police cars because the ambulance is about to take hours, or it is not appropriate for anyone to leave the man and stand down. Be done

“I have a list of 30 weird examples, different things where the police have been called in because the ambulance is not available, or have to wait a long time for the ambulance to get there.

“It all goes back to the question: where does police responsibility stop and where does it start?”

In response, a spokesman for the Scottish Ambulance Service said: “We do not ask police officers to attend to emergencies instead of transporting ambulance staff or patients to hospitals.

“For all 999 calls, the ambulance service always sends the closest, most appropriate answer.”

Scottish Conservatives. Health Spokesman Dr Sandesh Galhane said: “Hamza Yousuf’s failure to grasp the crisis of the ambulance service is now having a detrimental effect on other brave personnel of the emergency service.

“He should never have been allowed to reach the point where police officers have to help the ambulance staff as usual.

“I support my brave police officers for offering help, but it highlights an ambulance service that is still at a complete breaking point.

“The support that has come from our British armed forces is very welcome, but Hamza Yusuf still fails to make the most of it.

“We cannot disrupt important police work as our ambulance service does not have the required resources.

“Hamza Yousuf should develop an appropriate NHS recovery plan that fully supports our ambulance service and ensures that police officers do not have to turn to staff as usual.”

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