September 25, 2021

Police called Glasgow’s Shawlands after the fireworks.

Police say they “advised” Shawlands after being called because a fireworks display had taken place on a main road.

As reported in the Glasgow Times, fireworks were set off in parking lots on Kill Marnok Road in front of the Shawlands Shopping Center.

Large crowds gathered after rockets were fired outside the new runway cafe.

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Locals were outraged when pyrotechnics were lit so close to their flats, while others said the pets were disturbed by the noise.

Glasgow Times:

Police Scotland Officers arrived at the scene after reports of traffic jams and fireworks, he said.

A Scotland Police spokesman said: “On Friday, September 3, at around 8.40pm, officers were called to report a traffic jam and fireworks on Kill Marnock Road in Glasgow.

“Officers attended and provided assistance and advice.”

Glasgow Times:

Two fireworks were set off, which lasted until 9 p.m.

There were long backs on Kilmarnak Road as the crowd gathered to watch the show.

The fireworks were set off from Parking Bay, where an electric vehicle is stored as a charging point.

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