October 22, 2021

Police briefings: Warrants for possession of two drugs during arrest Free.

Paris police officers contacted two subjects in the 200 block of SE 8th Street SE on Friday. The subjects were identified as Nelly Ramirez Hernandez and Justin Wood. Both were found with non-bailable warrants and arrested.

Searching the vehicle in which the articles were located, officers found what they thought were fake checks and illegal bullets. Ramirez Hernandez and Wood were both arrested and sent to prison.

Ramirez Hernandez was charged with fraudulent use / possession of identity information, possession of a dangerous drug and two serious warrants outside of Hunt County. Wood was charged with fraudulent use of information, possession of dangerous drugs and a felony outside of Colin County.

Police charged the woman with setting the house on fire.

Officers were called to a residential fire in the 1900 block of East Cherry Street on Saturday. Upon further investigation, Britney Lane Woodward was arrested in connection with the arson attack.

Officers issue arrest warrants.

Officers contacted Melissa Thornberg in the 1200 block of Bonham Street on Sunday and arrested her on a pending warrant from the Lamar County Sheriff’s Office.

The three were sent to jail after officers responded in a hotel room.

Officers were dispatched to the 2,500 block of North Main Street in connection with the incident. When they arrived at the scene, they found several articles inside a hotel room. Officers found what they thought was drug paraphernalia and suspected methamphetamine inside the room.

Officers arrested Carol Butler for preparing or delivering a controlled substance, Schedule 1. Ricky Dolan Chase Butler Control Subject Schedule 1 Preparation or Delivery and Warrant of Parole Violation. And Shannon Myers for scheduled preparation or delivery of controlled substances. All three subjects were transferred to jail.

Service calls: Paris police responded to 453 calls for service and arrested 20 people over the weekend.


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