October 22, 2021

Podcast: Health Pass Protest, Lavender Beyond Provence, Canard Incheon


Why are people protesting on the Coved Health Pass in France? Growing lavender outside Provence to challenge Terror. Birth of Stuck duck., The weekly that has humiliated politicians and held them accountable.

The spotlight is back on France! Breaks during the summer Coved Health Pass. French became an integral part of everyday life. The government argues that it is important to encourage people to get vaccinated against the virus in order to avoid another lockdown. It seems to have worked: vaccination rates have risen and the fourth wave is in control of mainland France. But a small but sincere minority opposes the pass and has been. Weekly protests Since July, although the government and most of the media have painted them as anti-vaccinators, the movement has been plagued by QAnon conspiracy and vaccine suspicions. We met people at a recent demonstration in Paris to hear why they are so opposed. (Snow @ 0’40 ”)

French traditions are rooted in the land – wine has its own terror, cheese has its own safe name. Lavender has long been associated with the southern province of Provence at the foot of the Alps, north of Marseille. For two centuries, the purple flower has been widely cultivated for its oil, which is used in the perfume and pharmaceutical industries. In eastern Averon, 250 km west of the province, Sheep farmer Laurent Fitzgerald. Has discovered that its area is also suitable for growing lavender. (Listen @ 18’30 ”)

The first issue of Stuck duck., One of the last investigative newspapers in France, appeared on September 10, 1915. Its purpose was to counter pro-military propaganda spread in the mainstream media during the First World War. Known for its independence, it remains an important force in French public life. (Snow; 14 ‘)

This episode was aired by Cecil Pompini.

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