October 18, 2021

Plans to plant 50 million trees in the north of England.

An ambitious plan to plant 50 million trees in the north of England has taken a step forward when the British government pledged 15 15 million for the purpose on Monday.

According to the Woodland Trust, which oversees the project, it will be enough to plant 1 million trees next year – 3 million have already been planted.

It’s all part of it. Northern forest Initiative: An ambitious plan to build a leafy corridor from Liverpool to Hill in Manchester, Leeds and Sheffield. It launched three years ago to increase the number of trees in an area that covers only 7.6 percent of the national average, compared to 13.2 percent.

Simon Magen, program director for the Woodland Trust for the Northern Forest, said: “This new funding is hugely important. Will allow you to add

He added: “These new trees have the power to transform people’s lives through the green spaces they traditionally bring to low-tree areas, to enhance our fight against climate change and We are also ready to encourage the restoration of nature. “

The Northern Forest will cost an estimated £ 500 million over 25 years, with most of the funding coming from charitable donations.

Environmental groups have welcomed the project. However, he argues that tree planting is not an alternative to preserving ancient forests, and has criticized the UK government for cutting down old developed forests for infrastructure projects such as HS2.

Photo: Diego Torres

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