September 20, 2021

Places to go – Lincoln – Concert Magazine.

They need a reason to travel. The train operator on the LNER, East Coast Main Line, arranged a one-day activity with Lincoln City and announced a special train journey from London King’s Cross to Lincoln on March 3.rd July Fortunately, I was already in London.

There was no special roaming service. Passengers can choose how long they want to stay, including overnight. I chose to leave in 1912 and took the East Midlands train to Newark Northgate where a short connection enabled me to catch the train from the north to Durham.

Lincoln City and its suppliers removed all stops to welcome special visitors. There was free food on the platform before you boarded the train, and a goodie bag containing vouchers, mead, black current jam, rapeseed oil, and many more vouchers that I would like to have there. I had booked a first class ticket, and there was no crowd in the car. A breakfast platter arrived with Lincolnshire sausage, bacon, eggs, hash browns and baked beans. With so much effort in planning the Lincoln Experience train, he must have been upset to learn that the signaling problem in the Welwyn area delayed the train’s arrival in Lincoln by about 50 minutes. 50% refund! More annoying for customers who just knew that if the train was ten more minutes late, the one-hour rule on late payments would get them all their money back for the trip! Anyway, breakfast at 3.rd It was at LNER in July before the first lockdown, and was accompanied by two more free bottles that arrived with beer bread and general excitement.

Upon arrival, I did not go to the city center, but to South Park on the High Street via the southern suburbs of Lincoln, where I passed a magnificent collection of high-class Victorian houses. I met a short shower on Canuck Road, where I sought protection in a simple bus shelter. Climbing the hill, I found my goal: to remember 57,861 men and women from 62 countries who died in Bomber Command during the International Bomber Command Center (IBCC) WW2. Opened in 2018, the Chadwick Visitor Center was inspiring and informative with videos, exhibitions and opium, and the spire and engraved metal monuments (in the same type of metal as the Angel of the North) were quite moving. Looking at the city, the land is on a long lease from Jesus College, Oxford.

It was the first day of the Open Top Tour bus but it does not serve the IBCC. It should be. I found a stage coach bus in Lincoln, and spent the rest of the afternoon opening the Amp Trail the same day, making my way north to Castle, right on a steep hill that everyone who considers Lincolnshire a flat. It’s a big surprise. . I didn’t have time to watch the Magna Carta, but enjoyed ice cream and relaxation on the grass until in 1730 it was time to walk to the Cathedral for Coral Avon Song. There were only five adult coasters and one conductor, but they were a cartoon pack Meanwhile, my late payment was confirmed by LNER on Monday morning.

Alex Nelson.

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