October 25, 2021

Pizza Hut offers anyone ٹیسٹ 5,000 to taste a test-filled crust pizza.

You can get paid to eat pizza – but you have to act quickly.

Pizza Hut Delivery is looking for someone who can taste their latest offerings, including some newly filled crust options.

The successful applicant will be paid 5,000 to taste the crust pizza filled with test pizza huts.

New options include a fragrant garlic butter-filled crust and a papyrus and cheese-filled crust.

Both are available for a limited time only.

Glasgow Times:

What does a pizza flavor tester do?

Pizza Hut Delivery is looking for a nationwide government chief crust taster, who will be paid to eat mouth-watering crust pizza – and he is appealing to the UK’s largest food drinkers.

The official stuffed crust pizza toaster – the first of its kind for the brand – will be tasked with tasting and grading the pizza, giving them a chance to try out the tasty toppings, flavors and textures around them.

Pizza Hut’s delivery is now accepting applications for the prestigious Chief Crust Toaster, but they will have to prepare for the challenge of adding the latest flavors at their own pace.

Glasgow Times:

How to apply

Those who have a nose for delicious pizza are encouraged to apply and prove that they make them one of the best superstars in the country, but the successful applicant must be above all else.

Apply to become a Pizza Hut flavor tester. Here.

Amelia Raba, Pizza Hut UK and Chief Brand Officer for Europe, said: “We are very proud of our pizza here at Pizza Hut Delivery, and we always strive to provide the best taste for our customers.

“That’s why we’re hiring a chief crust taster to make sure every filled crust pizza is tested by an experienced crust fan.

“We’re inviting pizza lovers across the UK to apply for this role and help us make the best pizza out there.”

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