September 18, 2021

Pierce Morgan’s wife branded Meghan Markle ‘cross and vain’

Pierce Morgan isn’t the only person who hates Meghan Markle, as his wife Celia Walden doesn’t seem to be a fan either.

The 45-year-old journalist spoke to Oprah Winfrey about the controversy in March after her husband was interviewed by the Duke and Duchess of Sussex. She agreed with others who thought she should not step out of the “Good Morning Britain” seat during a heated discussion with fellow host Alex Bears Ford.

“But he didn’t look back. However, what he said about this interview is contradictory and full of lies, in many ways,” Walden said in an interview. Telegraph.

He remembered being in the gym at the time and the only thing that happened was when his friends called him. As a result, the BBC asked Morgan to apologize and Walden recalled that he had asked him to read the letter that the administration had prepared for his signature.

“He never asks me to do things like that in general, so I’m glad he did,” she said, recalling that he told her he “probably couldn’t sign that way.” That’s what they called it. ” Instead of apologizing, Morgan resigned.