September 20, 2021

Pierce Morgan saw Prince Harry delivering an amazing speech at the GQ Awards after winning the Off Com.

Paris Morgan saw Prince Harry deliver an amazing speech at the GQ Awards today.

The TV presenter, 56, was in the audience for Harry’s anger when he won his off-job complaint against himself and Meghan Markle.

Paris Morgan took to Twitter today to criticize Prince Harry.

James Curley.

Paris Morgan took to Twitter today to criticize Prince Harry.

He was in the audience for Prince Harry's GQ speech.

GQ Man of the Year Award 2021

He was in the audience for Prince Harry’s GQ speech.

He watched a royal speech on his Twitter account this morning, sharing a story: “#awks”.

Pierce left the UK in a sensational Good Morning March in March after a heated debate over Meghan’s mental health.

It comes as

  • Pierce Morgan praised the “watershed moment” for his free speech on the Meghan Markle GMB front and insisted: “I still don’t believe it.”
  • Pierce Morgan will not appear in Good Morning Britain today but sends his wife Celia Walden – to promote his book
  • The presenter called Meghan a ‘thorny actress’ and a ‘notable liar’ after winning the AFCM
  • “Should I take my job back?” Pierce asks. ‘Cold’ attack on Meghan Markle’s free speech on ‘Princess Pinocchio’.
  • Meghan will be ‘absolutely anxious’ as Pierce wins off work on a ‘false’ blast and will ‘talk to lawyers’
  • Pierce’s former GMB teammate Susanna Reid broke the silence on her off-job victory over Meghan.

He accused the 39-year-old Duchess of Sussex of lying to Oprah Winfrey when she said she had committed suicide.

Both Harry and Meghan personally filed a complaint against Pierce with ITV and Offcom for his outrage.

But yesterday, Media Watchdog announced that Pierce was in favor of sharing his views on TV.

The regulator said it was “entitled” to say it did not believe Sussex’s claims, and that limiting its strong views would be an “unnecessary and chilling restriction on freedom of expression.”

Harry made an astonishing appearance at the awards show in London last night via a video link from the United States.

He rewarded the team behind Professor Dame Sarah Gilbert, Professor Catherine Green and the Oxford / AstraZeneca job.

And Shahi blasted antivirals that spread “lies and fear”, warning: “Unless every community has access to the vaccine and every community has access to reliable information about the vaccine.” Until then, we are all in danger. “

Harry also said that people are overwhelmed by the “flood of misinformation”, which makes the job hesitant.

He added: “As people sit in the room with you tonight, more than a third of the world’s population has received at least one dose of the vaccine. There are shots.

“It seems like a huge success and in many ways it is, but there is a big difference between who can and can’t reach the vaccine.”

Pierce Morgan left GMB in March.

Pierce left Meghan Markle in March for a consecutive GMB.

He said he did not believe Sussex's claims in an interview with Oprah Winfrey.

He accused her of lying about suicide in his opera interview.

Pierce and his wife, Celia, attended the awards show in London.


Pierce and his wife, Celia, attended the awards show in London.

Pierce Morgan happy with ‘historic’ off-work decision as ITV clears Meghan Markle’s statement

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