October 20, 2021

Phoebe Dinor, ‘Brigitte’s Daphne’ showcases her first beauty!

Bridgeton’s Daphne lands in first beauty pageant with Phoebe Dinor Charlotte Talbury

Phoebe Dynevor, 26, who played Daphne in the British film. Bridgeton. Charlotte Talbury has unveiled her first beauty gem with cosmetics. Although this is Dinor’s first major beauty, she is no stranger to make-up – especially Charlotte Talbury’s products. He said in a statement:

“Charlotte is a legendary makeup artist and I’ve been praising her range for years. Bridgeton., The make-up artist used the signature on the set. Talk about pillows. Lips for Daphne! Dinor said she would like to be part of the holiday campaign, especially because of the welfare factor. The brand is donating to Women for Women International as part of the campaign.

Phoebe Dinor.
Phoebe Denver unveiled her first beauty gig with Charlotte Telbury Cosmetics / Instagram.

She added, “What I like most is that this campaign is not only a celebration of partnership, but also its root cause and the spread of kindness and love, which is product and fundraising for its charity partner Women for Women International.” Has been revived by. “

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Tilbury himself is a big fan of the actor. “I fell in love with Phoebe when I saw her in Bridgeton,” he said in a statement. “I was sure he was wearing a pillow talk lip, and when I found out he was, I knew it was written in the stars!”

Phoebe Dinor.
Phoebe Denver unveiled her first beauty pageant with Charlotte Telbury Cosmetics / Instagram.

She adds: “I love Phoebe’s commitment to using her platform for purpose and as a force. She is truly the epitome of star power and good energy in this year’s holiday season.” I can’t wait to share more of the magic we’ll create together.

The British actress is the new brand ambassador of the famous cosmetics company Charlotte Talbury and will be participating in the soon-to-be-released, star-studded holiday 2021 campaign. The partnership is special for Dinor, who often wore Charlotte Tilbury cosmetics while playing the role of Daphne Bridgeton when she shot one of the successful Netflix drama seasons. Bridgeton..

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