September 18, 2021

Petri will continue to work with the diagnostic district.

According to information shared last weekend by tax appraiser Stephanie Lee at the Lamar County Appraisal District Director’s Meeting, property owners can expect taxes in the mail in the first week of October or later.

“We’re very much on time this year,” Lee said.

The directors on Wednesday extended the contract of diagnostic consultant Richard Petrie to a maximum of $ 10,000 a year at a cost of $ 125 per hour. To help Lamar County Water District with the new maps, Heater Engineering was offered 30 days access to topographic information. And it turned out that the collection of 2020 taxes is 96.4%.

“Mr. Petrie has been a boon to the entire office this year.” We did a commercial assessment this year, and next year we have a Comptroller Property Value Study and we will do a residential assessment. It will take us through a whole cycle and help me do what I need to do.

Under a ڈالر 20,000 agreement with the district this year, Petrie trained staff and shared the metric system used to assess all commercial property in the county. Commercial property, including hotels, apartment complexes and restaurants, remains the biggest problem for the diagnostic district’s efforts to bridge the gap between what the state says the property is worth and what the local district says. The difference cost Paris ISD about 2. 2.7 million in 2020. Starting immediately, Petrie now focuses on staff training so that a similar metric system can be used with residential assessments.

In the diagnostic business for 40 years, Abelin Local served as Chief Operator in Taylor County from 1976 until his retirement in 2013, when he switched consultation efforts with diagnostic districts across the state. In 1988, he was presented with the Earl Luna Award by the Texas Association of Appraisal Districts, which recognized him as the Outstanding Chief Operator in Texas this year. He has authored several articles for the Texas Association of Appraisal Districts, and under his leadership, the diagnostic district in Abilene received the Excellence in Assessment Administration Award 2013 from the International Association of Assessing Officers, Texas’ first diagnostic district.


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