September 23, 2021

Pecki called Barcelona “broken” after Messi’s departure.

Several days after the announcement of FC Barcelona, ​​which confirmed the departure of Lionel Messi, there are still waves of shock in the world of football. Barcelona veteran Gerard Pique has considered the situation, and has admitted that the club has “broken” with the move out of Argentina.

Since last summer, following the controversial “Borofax bomb shell” that saw Messi demand a transfer from the club, Barcelona fans have been worried about the future of the six-time Ballon d’Or winner. Although the clause of his release managed to stop him from leaving last year, things were very different this summer.

Although President Juan Laporta made it his mission to persuade Messi to stay, which he did, the club is not able to settle their finances enough to be able to close a new contract with the players. Was

During Sunday’s press conference, where Messi bade an emotional farewell to the club’s fans, first-team members and club executives were also present. “The team is a bit broken because of Messi’s departure, and we will lose the magic in the attack, but we have to move on because the fans have high expectations,” Peck said. Football Spain.