September 17, 2021

Partik Thistle Stars encourages Malangawi youth to run 10kg daily for 40 days to raise cash for JMA Trust

A teenager ran 10 km a day for 40 days and collected more than 2k for a good cause.

Charlie Ronald, a 15-year-old from Malangawi, has raised a total of ہزار 7,000 for the John Morris Aitken (JMA) Trust over the past few years and is looking forward to more.

The trust helps families deal with cancer and offers. Health And employment opportunities as well as welfare opportunities.

Glasgow Times:

Her latest philanthropic effort came in the form of running 10 kilometers a day for 40 days in memory of a family friend, John Aitken, who died of lymphoma in 2014. 40 days indicates the fact that John will be 40 years old this year

Charlie’s proud father, Yuan, met John by running an amateur football club. The JMA Trust was formed shortly after John’s death and is run by the family. Yuan said: “He started collecting money by collecting old footballs at home and selling whatever came in. He made bookmarks and passed them on to his grandparents and aunts and neighbors and everyone who came into the house. Sold out

“He was only 9 at the time. He raised 65 and I said: ‘Why don’t you put him in the JMA Trust?’

Glasgow Times: Charlie with his father Yuan and mother Claire.Charlie with his father Yuan and mother Claire.

The young man also completed Santa Dash and then ran two football tournaments, raising more cash for the trust.

Charlie decided he would challenge to run during the summer. Yuan is troubled by her mental state. He added: “I was thinking: he didn’t really think so so I said: before you do it, are you sure?
“She never really moaned about it, though she is screaming about everything.

“Six days later he got injured. He went out that night and walked on it. Running was the first thing he was worried about.”

Teenagers are a tough guy. Particle Thistle. Supporter, it is no coincidence that he got his fastest time on his way around Farheel, which the football team allowed him to use.

“His favorite run was a goal on Farheel’s field. I think he was impressed because it was his best time. He kept looking at some players and whenever he saw someone he got faster.”

Glasgow Times:

He was recognized in the Scottish Parliament by a local MSP for his efforts, which reads: Parliament praises 14-year-old Charlie Ronald of Malangawi for running 10 km a day for 40 days. , Challenges Fundraising for Aid The John Morris Aitken Trust (JMA Trust) believes the charity was set up in memory of John, who died of lymphoma cancer seven years ago, and aims to help people in need, including Current and former cancer patients and their families and carers who are experiencing difficulties; Note that this is Charlie’s fifth fundraising event for the JMA Trust, which aims to raise a total of 2,000. Appreciates Charlie’s efforts to support a great cause, and acknowledges the great work of the JMA Trust. ”

The curious runner is now resting before deciding on his next fundraising move.

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