September 21, 2021

Pan Farthing Latest – The Taliban stabbed my dogs with a knife and machine gun on the way to the newborn rescue flight to the UK

Taliban mock Western convoys with fake entertainment for British, American and NATO forces

The footage showed the coffins wrapped in US, British and French flags, as well as NATO insignia, as they were paraded by Taliban mobs on the streets of Khost.

The glowing Taliban fighters were also seen posing for pictures on abandoned fighter jets as satellite shots showed the plane’s treasure was dropped by the United States in Kabul, which had earlier withdrawn its last troops from the airport.

Smiling, the jihadists sat in the cockpit of the gunship and rode on the bonnets of the US Air Force’s Humvees as they walked around the airport hours after Biden’s troops left Afghanistan.

Taliban Badri Special Forces fighters were seen training on the grounds of Kabul Airport, while other jihadists were seen roaming through hangars full of discarded kits and abandoned helicopters.

In one photo, a fighter is seen taking pictures of wrecked Chinook helicopters, while others search the interior of a US Air Force plane.

According to ReportsThe United States may have left millions of dollars worth of military equipment in a hurry to leave Kabul.

This comes as a Taliban spokesman says the West’s withdrawal from Afghanistan is a lesson to the world.


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