September 23, 2021

Palace shares video about Monaco Royals love story amid rumors of marital trouble

Monaco’s royal palace has shared another video about the love story of Prince Albert II and Princess Charlene amidst these rumors, the couple are facing some troubling times in their marriage.

The palace’s official Instagram account Policy Prince de Monaco A video titled “Two Ways, One Destination” was shared on Friday, highlighting the lives of Charlene and Albert before they met. He celebrated the birth of the ruling monarch of Monaco, his time on the Monaco Winter Olympic Bobsleigh team, and the royalty he served in his early years. Meanwhile, Charlene’s journey from a schoolgirl to an Olympic swimmer in South Africa was also included in the 1 minute 50 second video.

The clip ends with Albert clapping for his future wife at Mayor Nostrum’s swimming competition in Monte Carlo in 2013, where the two first met.