September 19, 2021

Paisley residents ‘bark dogs for 12 hours’

Paisley residents claim that the constant barking of dogs in a nearby car wash has left them “restless or sleepy” for most of the year.

Karen Wens insisted that she and her neighbor – who lives behind Christy Street Business Wash headquarters – were “tearing their hair” after two German Shepherds were allegedly chained for 12 hours.

Rainfroshire. Council It has confirmed that it has taken action against the owners – who are believed to have taken over the establishment in January – to try to resolve the issue.

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But Mrs. Venus, who lives on Glasgow Road, said dogs have been keeping her every night since the wash headquarters moved into the new property, and she is sometimes forced to sleep on the sofa to avoid barking.

“The new owners took over the place in late January and no one has slept or slept since,” said Mrs. Venus.

“Dogs bark all day and night. Many nights I sleep on the sofa to avoid noise.

“My husband and I are under a lot of pressure from the situation and many of our neighbors are going crazy. Some of them work shifts and have their hair cut.

“We have all tried everything but it seems that we and our neighbors who have been here all our lives have no rights.

“Some people have said they only have to book holidays for a few days. It’s ruining people’s quality of life.

Mrs Venus claimed that dogs were sometimes kept in cages and was concerned that they were not being given enough. the meal, Water and exercise.

Council leaders said they had worked with the Scottish Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SSPCA) during their investigation but did not raise the issue of dog treatment as an issue.

Wash headquarters was contacted several times but no one was available to speak.

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A spokesman for Renfrewshire Council said: “We are working with the owners of this car wash to ensure that they are fulfilling their responsibilities under the Guard Dogs Act 1975 and that dogs are controlled on site. I have been placed.

“Action has been taken against car wash owners who try to allay residents’ concerns about the barking noise of dogs.

“We are working with the SSPCA to ensure that the dogs are well cared for and that this is not a problem for us at the moment.”

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