September 21, 2021

PA2: Several Paisley homes affected by water supply problems this morning.

This morning, a number of homes near Glasgow were affected by water supply problems.

Scottish Water chiefs are investigating reports that the PA2 area of ​​Paisley, Renfreshire, is currently being disrupted by a burst man.

The postcode includes the city’s Fox Bar and Castlehead area and its Royal Alexandra Hospital. There is currently no suggestion that the medical center has been affected.

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It is also unclear how many homes and businesses have been left without water.

In an update this morning, Scottish Water chiefs wrote: “Consumers at Paisley PA2 have reported a disruption to their water supply.

Glasgow Times: RAH is in the postcode area but there is no suggestion at this time that it is affected. RAH is in the postcode area but there is currently no suggestion that it has been infected.

“We are currently investigating the matter and intend to reach the site as soon as possible.

“When we investigate, please be aware that you may not have water supply or low / intermittent water pressure. You may also experience colored water.”

This is a developing story. More to follow.

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