September 20, 2021

Overheated Glasgow school children refuse water in class at 23 ° C due to coveted instructions.

Concern has been raised around Corona virus Students were refused to fill water bottles during the summer in schools.

Parents and guardians of attendees at Wallaceville Primary School in northeastern Glasgow have filed complaints about the issue after children became thirsty last week.

The Glasgow Times believes that on Thursday – when the temperature reached 23 degrees Celsius – a student described how hot he felt and was about to faint.

One parent – who spoke on condition of anonymity – said: “My little boy finished the water bottle after lunch but was not allowed to refill it. Drink it.

“It was very hot that day, the students must have been thirsty.

“Teachers have recommended bringing extra bottles of water, but the children’s bags are as heavy as they are.

“It’s a problem – dehydration can make people really sick. I don’t know how they are expected to focus.”

The Scottish Government’s guidelines to reduce quad-19 transfers prevent children from touching water cooler nozzles.

In schools across Glasgow, teachers are instead filling bottles, offering jugs of water and giving cups to students.

While sanctions remain in place, Glasgow City. Council Encouraging children to bring their own water bottles and spend time in the shade during breaks.

A spokesman said: “Unfortunately, coivd risk mitigation remains to help reduce the spread of the virus in our schools, including the use of water coolers.

“The school staff is encouraging the children to bring their own water bottles, give the children extra fluids at meal time and fill the bottles throughout the day.

“During the summer last week, children at school were encouraged to drink more and spend time outside – another reduction as we deal with the ongoing epidemic.

“The school will continue to follow the government’s advice and guidance and we ask families to support the school’s current policies during this time.”

A spokesman for the Scottish Government said: “The provision of free drinking water for children is an important factor. Health And fitness.

“Education authorities have a responsibility to ensure that students have access to free drinking water throughout the day, and we expect schools to provide free drinking water based on the latest health care advice.” ۔ ”

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