Outdoor experts reveal their top 5 activities for the semester

Building your own lair or fort can help you break the habit of being glued to the TV.

With the school holidays just around the corner, many people may be wondering how to keep the kids entertained during the long break.

The Millets experts have compiled the top 5 ideas for kids to keep them busy during the middle of the semester.

1. Building a fort/lair and camping

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Building your own lair or fort can help you break the habit of being glued to the TV.

Here’s what you need to create your own:

Choose a location. Embrace your space and make the most of your home by pretending each room is its own camp area.

Raise the closet – arrange several chairs of different heights around the living room and make sure that their backs are facing the inside of the den. Create a roof over their heads by throwing some old throws, old sheets, or a light blanket over the chairs.

Lay some pillows on the floor. Use pillows, bean bags, spare pillows, mattress toppers, and anything you can sit on.

Lighting. Add the finishing touches to your lair by hanging lights around it or custom signing it.

As spring and summer approach, the nights get lighter for longer, so why not consider spending time with the whole family in the back garden?

There are so many ways you could give it your own look:

You can create shadow puppets on the walls of your tent with your hands.

Buy a fire pit and treat your kids to toasted marshmallows for dessert after dinner.

Play Jenga, Domino, Connect 4 or other board games inside the tent.

Maybe you could even check out the bunting tents

Building a dog den is not much different from building your own fort or den.

The only difference is that while your dog may cheekily sneak into your fortress, you are definitely not allowed into your four-legged friend’s lair. The whole point is to create a safe space for them to relax, and you can even make a sign to show that this is their space.

Here are some sign ideas you could create for a doghouse for all pet lovers:

Make a checklist of items, objects, buildings, or people that you can potentially find or see in your village or town.

Items you can include:

Three other dog breeds

As a bonus, maybe you could look up the history of your local town hall? Or, at a safe social distance wearing masks, as an extra precaution, talk to dog owners about their pet, what breed of dog it is, and what its name is?

Your mission is waiting and there is no time to waste! Reade set Go!

A magical spell that will decorate your tent, lair or fortress, consists of a pinch of creativity, bright colors and many different materials!

Here’s what you need to do:

Gather five different patterned fabrics and/or brightly colored pieces of scrapbook paper.

Start drawing the shape and size of your first flag on paper.

Cut out the flag. Use this flag as a pattern flag and use it to cut out the rest of the triangles.

Attach the flags to the rope. If you used paper, you can make three or four holes in the top of each flag and simply thread a piece of string, ribbon, or twine through them to hang the flags. If you used fabric, you can either sew the top edge of each flag around a piece of twine or ribbon, or you can use a dab of fabric glue to attach the string for an easier option.

Hang the banner of your flag by tying the ends of the rope to nails in the wall, or draping it over the outside of your lair, fort, or in front of your little one, their imaginary castle surrounded by a moat, or guarded by a scaly fire-breathing dragon!

5. Mess around in the garden

Are your indoor plants starting to get thirsty, or maybe your outdoor plants are starting to look tired and weak? Give your garden or houseplant new life by potting new plants, shrubs and larger perennials, and get the whole family involved in the process.

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