October 18, 2021

Orange Lodge retaliated against reports of arrests in Glasgow March.

Orange Lodge has retaliated against reports of arrests in March.

Thousands marched through Glasgow on Saturday.

After March, Chief Superintendent Mark Sutherland issued a statement disclosing that arrests had been made in connection with “various crimes.”

But after that statement, Orange Lodge has retaliated against media reports.

A post on Facebook read: “The Grand Orange Lodge of Scotland This morning, media outlets have been contacted regarding false reports of the arrests of marchers marking Glasgow’s 200th anniversary.

“We can confirm that no marchers were arrested.

“The Grandmaster and the Executive congratulate the Glasgow County Grand Lodge on a wonderful Bowen Celebration Parade.”

Police Scotland did not respond to a request for comment from Orange Lodge today.

Read more: Statement on the release of Orange Lodge following the death of a member during March.

We had earlier reported that the police said that racism and sectarian singing were spreading there.

Chief Superintendent Mark Sutherland, Divisional Commander of Greater Glasgow, said: “We are aware that there has been an outbreak of racist and sectarian singing by some of the people who have come to support the Orange Order processions today. And we strongly condemn this behavior

“Wherever possible, we want to take action against those who seek to harm and divide our communities. We have already made arrests for various crimes and will continue to do so where necessary.”

“With large crowds gathering, our main priority is public safety and ensuring minimal disruption to the wider population.

“Once again, we see so many people singing unacceptable sectarian and racist songs intending to spread crime and hatred. I want to condemn this behavior in the strongest terms once again.

“It is clear that sectarianism is a serious, ongoing issue in Scotland and while policing has a key role to play in tackling this type of behavior, it is a collective issue and needs to be addressed collectively, through co-operation.” ”

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