September 28, 2021

Oprah Winfrey faces the decision to invite Harry and Meghan after Emery received only 4 tickets.

Oprah Winfrey is set to go to the 73rd Primetime Emmy Awards in Los Angeles, where she will host the fabulous “Non-Fiction Series” for her explosive Tale All Interview with Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, released in March this year. “I have been nominated. .

However, the host of the talk show will have to choose who she will take with her to the awards show, as she has received only four tickets due to the social distance guidelines between Covid 19. Although Harry and Meghan’s shocking revelations drew millions of viewers for the interview, it’s Winfrey’s production team that has been technically nominated for the award.

A source said. Daily It’s Winfrey who “holds the golden ticket and decides who attends.” With just three tickets to share between the couple and her production crew, the television presenter found herself in trouble.

Amy Chiefs has limited all nominees to just four tickets, while the one behind the Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles on September 19 at the event deck at LA Live is to decide who to bring. The decision is left to them. A statement from the academy and CBS earlier this month read, “Although invitations have just been sent, three or more nominated teams will now be limited to four tickets per nomination. At this year’s awards. To participate. “

Winfrey is facing a “tough choice” in this matter “because there is a professional and personal list to be invited,” said a LA publisher. The publicist explained, “The distribution of four tickets is a strict rule. Each of the four invitees is the same, decided by the show boss or the leading star. For Harry and Meghan, this means the opera, which The star and the production boss are the last thing. “

“Ames usually have stars with agents, PRs, stylists, managers and their loved ones. Now it’s a tough call for this talent to decide who they think should be their Plus One.” … and then the other two! ” The source added.

Insiders explained that there may be a way out, as the award show is being aired by CBS, which also aired interviews with Harry and Meghan. The channel could try to “twist the rules” for the British royal family, which would mean additional resonance around the event.

“Obviously they have their own distribution of tickets, so they have the ability to bring Harry and Meghan as a compass. It’s an option, but it comes with all sorts of implications.” Many network executives, show runners and stars, as well as other categories of nominees and talent.

“Harry and Meghan’s participation will be a big deal for the broadcast. Even if it attracts additional viewers, it’s a matter of waiting and watching. However, if the show wins and one of them speaks, it is definitely There will be big waves and all major headlines, “said Andrani.

Opera Winfrey.
Oprah Winfrey poses with Cecil B. DeMille in the press room during the 75th Annual Golden Globe Awards on January 7, 2018 at the Beverly Hilton Hotel in Beverly Hills, California.

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