October 18, 2021

One in ten people – 5.5 million adults.

Experts warn that one in ten people could be diabetic by 2030.

The charity Diabetes UK says rising levels of obesity mean 5.5 million adults will be infected within a decade.

5.5 million adults in the UK will have diabetes in a decade.


5.5 million adults in the UK will have diabetes in a decade.

And another 17 million will be at risk for type 2 because of their weight.

CEO Chris Esco said: “We are at the forefront of the public health emergency and action is needed today to stop it.

“It’s a serious thought that, if we don’t act, hundreds of thousands will face the life-changing news that they have type 2 diabetes.

“With proper care and support, complications of diabetes can be prevented and cases of type 2 diabetes can be forgiven or prevented altogether.”

Most people with type 2 diabetes – about 90% of all cases – get it because of an unhealthy lifestyle. Type 1 cannot be prevented.

Diabetes UK has called for government investment in weight loss programs, diabetes prevention and check-ups so that patients do not have complications.

Two-thirds of Britons are overweight. The NHS is already providing the world’s largest type 2 diabetes prevention program.

Halle Berry talks to Wendy Williams about her diabetes.

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